Paintings of Salmon, Trout and Koi by Melissa Cole

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SAL-85-atomicsteel_cole.jpg (510559 bytes)

PUZ-77-pinksalmonpassionreturns_cole.jpg (777359 bytes)
PUZ-77(original sold)

SAL-83-fireball_Cole.jpg (785223 bytes)

SAL-84-waterweb_cole.jpg (273149 bytes)

BEL-2-dinnerplans_Cole.jpg (235473 bytes)

FSH-85-rust_cole.jpg (559014 bytes)
FSH-85(original sold)

FSH-77_japanesegarden_Cole.jpg (439177 bytes)

FSH-78-kissyface_Cole.jpg (332088 bytes)
FSH-78(original sold)

FSH-80-golden_Cole.jpg (300445 bytes)

FSH-81-cuchara_cole_small.jpg (19118 bytes)
FSH-81(original sold

FSH-83-verdigris_Cole.jpg (695674 bytes)
FSH-83(original sold)

SAL-79_onwaqrd_Cole.jpg (490567 bytes)

SAL-80-wildthing_cole.jpg (696082 bytes)
SAL-80(original sold)

SAL-81-riverrunsred_cole.jpg (543502 bytes)
SAL-81(original sold)

SAL-82-resolution_Cole.jpg (674013 bytes)

SAL-83-bigred_Cole.jpg (321662 bytes)

TRT-61_catchandrelease_Cole.jpg (465359 bytes)
TRT-61(original sold)

TRT-62-pollocktrout_Cole.jpg (539168 bytes)

TRT-63-centerofattention_Cole.jpg (441709 bytes)

TRT-64-hotdate2_Cole.jpg (285255 bytes)
TRT-64(original sold)

TRT-65_bnb_Cole.jpg (310201 bytes)
TRT-65(original sold)

TRT-66-flyaway_Cole.jpg (446084 bytes)
TRT-66(original sold)

TRT-67_threescompany_Cole.jpg (382480 bytes)
TRT-67(original sold)

FSH-74-carpediem_cole.jpg (670129 bytes)
(original sold)

FSH-76crossingborders_cole.jpg (802100 bytes)
FSH-76(original sold)

SAL-76-determination_cole.jpg (465438 bytes)
SAL-76 (original sold)

SAL-77-surfing_Cole.jpg (444696 bytes)
SAL-77 (original sold)

SAL-78-champagneandcaviar_Cole.jpg (528716 bytes)
SAL-78 (original sold)

TRT-59-rainglow_Cole.jpg (517001 bytes)
TRT-59 (original sold)

TRT-58-watermusic-Cole.jpg (238601 bytes)
TRT-58 (original sold)

SAL-73-serpentine_Cole.jpg (253574 bytes)

SAL-74-fireandice_Coletif.jpg (505759 bytes)
SAL-74 (original sold)

FSH-68-lotusdawn_Cole.jpg (233968 bytes)
FSH-68 (original sold)

FSH-70-cosmictrout_Cole.jpg (204293 bytes)

SAL-67-runforthegold_Cole.jpg (247452 bytes)
SAL-67 (original sold)

FSH-60-lastroseofsummer_Cole.jpg (276927 bytes)

SAL-68-solosalmon_Cole.jpg (275299 bytes)
SAL-68 (original sold)

SAL-69-garnetsandgold_Cole.jpg (411004 bytes)
SAL-69 (original sold)

SAL-71-turquoisedaysambernights_Cole.jpg (346426 bytes)
SAL-71 (original sold)

SAL-72-tyeelove-Cole.jpg (169047 bytes)
SAL-72 (original sold)

TRT-54-lakesideparadise_Cole.jpg (220585 bytes)
TRT-54 (original sold

TRT-55-hotdate_Cole.jpg (245329 bytes)
TRT-55(original sold)

TRT-56-happytrout_Cole.jpg (171861 bytes)
TRT-56(original sold)

TRT-57-trouttryst-Cole.jpg (225431 bytes)
TRT-57(original sold)

FSH-66_Copperkoismall_Cole.jpg (720950 bytes)
FSH-66(original sold)

FSH-67-babykoismall_Cole.jpg (3536209 bytes)
FSH-67(original sold)

PUZ-76-amongpoppiessmall_Cole.jpg (775956 bytes)
PUZ-76 (original sold)

SAL-65-upandaway_cole.jpg (458248 bytes)
SAL-65 (original sold)

TRT-53-trouttalesmall_cole.jpg (340116 bytes)
TRT-53(original sold)

TRT-60-sweetwater_Cole.jpg (364249 bytes)

FSH-65-flightsoffancy_cole.jpg (418186 bytes)


SAL-63-silverandgold_cole.jpg (193023 bytes)


SAL-64-electrickokanee_cole.jpg (164666 bytes)

SAL-64 (original sold)

TRT-50-tictactrout_cole.jpg (218745 bytes)

TRT-50 (original sold)

TRT-51-arcoiris_cole.jpg (197309 bytes)

TRT-51(original sold)

TRT-52-action_cole.jpg (181696 bytes)

TRT-52 (original sold)

FSH-62-memoriesofmoghulempires_cole.jpg (259721 bytes)


FSH-64-choralkoi_cole.jpg (230229 bytes)

FSH-64 (original sold)

PUZ-75-wintersteel_ cole.jpg (234260 bytes)

PUZ-75 (original sold)

SAL-60-kokaneechaos_cole.jpg (184732 bytes)

SAL-60 (original sold)


SAL-61-kokaneecoil_cole.jpg (244541 bytes)

SAL-61 (original sold)

SAL-62-lifecircle_cole.jpg (259127 bytes)

SAL-62 (original sold)

TRT-47-followtherainbow_cole.jpg (138007 bytes)

TRT-47 (original sold)

TRT-48-brownandout_Cole.jpg (105215 bytes)

TRT-48 (original sold)

TRT-49-onwardandupward_cole.jpg (245085 bytes)

TRT-49 (original sold)

FSH-57-biteofbrownie_Cole.jpg (276992 bytes)

FSH-57 (original sold)

FSH-59-tinykoi-Cole.jpg (162013 bytes)

FSH-59 (original sold)

FSH-60_Jasmineteakoi_Cole.jpg (230458 bytes)

FSH-60(original sold)

PUZ57outforsushi_Cole.jpg (311896 bytes)

PUZ-57 (original sold)

PUZ-23-fatheadjoe-lh.jpg (197541 bytes)

PUZ-23 (original sold)

PUZ-65-Pinksalmonpassion_Cole.jpg (213939 bytes)

PUZ-65(original sold)

PUZ-71-goingfishing_cole.jpg (392257 bytes)

PUZ-71 (original sold)

SAL-59-sweetkokanee_cole.jpg (255176 bytes)

SAL-59 (original sold)

TRT-44-camotrout.jpg (173538 bytes)

TRT-44 (original sold)

TRT-45-morethanrainbow_cole.jpg (124378 bytes)

TRT-45(original sold)

TRT-46-fit2btied_cole.jpg (197525 bytes)

TRT-46 (original sold)


BER-7-patience_Cole.jpg (211371 bytes)
BER-7 (original sold)

TRT-43lifescircle_Cole.jpg (312834 bytes)
TRT-43 (original sold)

FSH62-bocachicabass_Cole.jpg (421587 bytes)

FSH-61 (original sold)


PUZ-58rainbowrollfortwo_Cole.jpg (318148 bytes)
PUZ-58 (original sold)

PUZ-63brooknbrownatrainbowsend_Cole.jpg (182699 bytes)
PUZ-63 (original sold)

SAL58fallscall_Cole.jpg (276970 bytes)
SAL-58 (original sold)

FSH-55pilispond_Cole.jpg (394557 bytes)
FSH-55 (original sold)

TRT-41-browniesunday_Cole.jpg (265330 bytes)

TRT-42-galactictrout_Cole.jpg (282926 bytes)
TRT-42 (original sold)

PUZ-46-smallkoipond.jpg (205081 bytes)
PUZ-46 (original sold)

TRT-39-truchaamor.jpg (200769 bytes)
TRT-39 (original sold)

FSH-52-lotuskoipond.jpg (274590 bytes)
FSH-52 (original sold)

TRT-38-headingupstream.jpg (186568 bytes)
TRT-38 (original sold)

SAL-57salmonrumba.jpg (169611 bytes)
SAL-57 (original sold)

TRT40-rainbowsgold.jpg (251401 bytes)
TRT-40 (original sold)

FSH-49-bigkoipond.jpg (300152 bytes)

SAL-55-salmonsquared.jpg (303699 bytes)

TRT-37-flyforgotten.jpg (295779 bytes)

FSH-49(original sold)

SAL-56(original sold)

TRT-37(original sold)

SAL-51-guysanddolls-lh.jpg (187049 bytes)

SAL-51 (original sold)

SAL-50-swirlingsalmon-s.jpg (143440 bytes)



TRT-35-trouttwist-lh.jpg (161586 bytes)

TRT-35 (original sold)

SAL-50(original sold)


SAL-53-tangoinbronze-h.jpg (155012 bytes)


TRT-36-taken-lh.jpg (111613 bytes)

TRT-36 (original sold)

SAL-55-kokaneegold.jpg (157915 bytes)

SAL-53(original sold)

PUZ-40(original sold)


TRT-35-outofbounds.jpg (188733 bytes)

SAL-49-leapoffaith-h.jpg (122924 bytes)

SAL-52-windowintowater-h.jpg (142318 bytes)

TRT-35 (original sold)

SAL-49 (original sold)

SAL-52 (original sold)


SAL-48-luckycharm-sq.jpg (223498 bytes)

PUZ-31-ponderosapuzzle-lh.jpg (182406 bytes)

PUZ-31 (original sold)

PUZ-22-marketdaychatter-s.jpg (164689 bytes)

SAL-48 (original sold)

PUZ-22(original sold)


SAL-44-lunarosada-s.jpg (165358 bytes)

SAL-42-pinksalmontriptych-s.jpg (187384 bytes)

FSH-38-wefit-s.jpg (204850 bytes)

SAL-44 (original sold)

SAL-42 (original sold)

FSH-38 (original sold)


FSH-40-koikisses-lh.jpg (190436 bytes)

FSH-40(original sold)


FSH-42-manitokoi-s.jpg (195311 bytes)

SAL-43-fullcircle-lh.jpg (160193 bytes)

SAL-43 (original sold)



SAL-40-tango rosado-lh.jpg (83964 bytes)

SAL-40 (nfs)


SAL-41-doublesteel-lh.jpg (113835 bytes)

SAL-41(original sold)


SAL-45-salmondance-h.jpg (178932 bytes)

SAL-45 (original sold)


SAL-46-sweetpoppylove-lh.jpg (155837 bytes)

SAL-46 (original sold)


SAL-47-adoration-lh.jpg (124762 bytes)

SAL-47 (original sold)


TRT-31-commongoal-s.jpg (184863 bytes)

TRT-31 (original sold)



TRT-32-flybynight-lh.jpg (147159 bytes)

TRT-32(original sold)


TRT-33-flyingbrook-lh.jpg (143177 bytes)



TRT-34-highflying-lh.jpg (106520 bytes)

TRT-33 (original sold)

TRT-34(original sold)


PUZ-11-dogdays-h.jpg (161802 bytes)

PUZ-16-koipondpuzzle-s.jpg (120249 bytes)

PUZ-18-conversingoverrainbow-s.jpg (155380 bytes)

PUZ-11 (original sold)

PUZ-16 (original sold)

PUZ-18 (original sold)


FSH-11-koibowl-s.jpg (402445 bytes)


FSH-13-yingyangkoi-s.jpg (323559 bytes)


FSH-17-greenteakoi-s.jpg (355483 bytes)

FSH-11 (original sold)

FSH-13 (original sold)

FSH-17 (original sold)


FSH-18-koiandgreenwave-s.jpg (491636 bytes)


FSH-22-koiledtwo-s.jpg (296452 bytes)

FSH-22 (original sold)


FSH-26-koiinlotus-s.jpg (340363 bytes)

FSH-18 (original sold)

FSH-26 (original sold)


FSH-30-summerkoi-s.jpg (349375 bytes)


SAL-17-springsalmonroll-s.jpg (156688 bytes)


SAL-21-salmonswirl-s.jpg (114721 bytes)

FSH-30 (original sold)

SAL-17 (original sold)

SAL-21 (original sold)


SAL-22-salmonball-s.jpg (181297 bytes)


SAL-26-going somewhere-s.jpg (189282 bytes)


SAL-33-pinksalmonfrenzy-s.jpg (189542 bytes)

SAL-22(original sold)

SAL-26 (original sold)

SAL-33 (original sold)


SAL-35-lovetriangle-s.jpg (128677 bytes)


SAL-36-salmoon-s.jpg (165848 bytes)


TRT-27-brookie-s.jpg (167591 bytes)

SAL-35 (original sold)

SAL-36 (original sold)

TRT-27 (original sold)


TRT-5-inlanderbrookie-s.jpg (133985 bytes)


FSH-8-koianddragonfly-v.jpg (286486 bytes)


PUZ-10-firstpondpuzzle-v.jpg (145859 bytes)

TRT-5 (original sold)

FSH-8 (original sold)

PUZ-10 (original sold)


PUZ-17-redravenpuzzle-v.jpg (137504 bytes)


PUZ-6-summerdays-v.jpg (168962 bytes)


PUZ-7-sunriseheron-v.jpg (128888 bytes)

PUZ-17 (original sold)

PUZ-6 (original sold)

PUZ-7(original sold)


PUZ-8-koi puzzle-v.jpg (162040 bytes)


SAL-11-salmonleap-v.jpg (105794 bytes)


SAL-16-king's crossinglv.jpg (119306 bytes)

PUZ-8 (original sold)

SAL-11(original sold)

SAL-16 (original sold)


SAL-2-spawn-v.jpg (117170 bytes)


TRT-12-cosmictrtnmeli-v.jpg (85100 bytes)



TRT-23-rainbowinplumblossom-h.jpg (138126 bytes)

SAL-2 (original sold)

TRT-12 (original sold)

TRT-23 (original sold)


FSH-33-fininfin-h.jpg (205948 bytes)

FSH-33 (original sold)


FSH-4-donskoipond-h.jpg (388725 bytes)


FSH-7-koifin-h.jpg (286811 bytes)

FSH-4 (original sold)

FSH-7 (original sold)


PUZ-12-fallofsalmon-h.jpg (136550 bytes)


PUZ-13-pondpuzzlerevisited-h.jpg (174446 bytes)


PUZ-15-maplekoipuzzle.jpg (121500 bytes)

PUZ-12 (original sold)

PUZ-13 (original sold)

PUZ-15(original sold)


PUZ-5-ravenandrainbows-h.jpg (108367 bytes)

SAL-14-seasonfinale-h.jpg (90944 bytes)

SAL-18-wild kenai morning.jpg (101431 bytes)

PUZ-5 (original sold)

SAL-14 (original sold)

SAL-18 (original sold)


SAL-19wild salmonplatter-l.jpg (101197 bytes)



SAL-20-vortex-l.jpg (124069 bytes)


SAL-23-fallrun-h.jpg (112027 bytes)

SAL-19 (original sold)

SAL-20 (original sold)

SAL-23 (original sold)



SAL-25-copper river-h.jpg (161690 bytes)


SAL-28-slippingback-h.jpg (106287 bytes)



SAL-30-redleap.jpg (125281 bytes)

SAL-25 (original sold)


SAL-30 (original sold)




SAL-31-wenatcheespring-l.jpg (138236 bytes)



SAL-6-pinkleap-h.jpg (124433 bytes)



SAL-7-cominghome-h.jpg (162999 bytes)

SAL-31 (original sold)

SAL-6 (original sold)

SAL-7 (original sold)


SAL-8-salmonembrace-h.jpg (116281 bytes)


TRT-1-rainbow-h.jpg (138655 bytes)



TRT-22-rainbowsandwildflowers-l.jpg (148258 bytes)

SAL-8 (original sold)

TRT-1 (original sold)

TRT-22 (original sold)


TRT-26-Mrbrown-l.jpg (144620 bytes)

TRT-26 (original sold)


TRT-2-brook-h.jpg (110568 bytes)


TRT-4-boomerang-h.jpg (154830 bytes)

TRT-2 (original sold)


FSH-10-koikissing-l.jpg (211266 bytes)

FSH-10 (original sold)


TRT-7-doublerainbow-h.jpg (148224 bytes)

FSH-12-koiinlotus-l.jpg (166026 bytes)

FSH-12 (original sold)

TRT-7 (original sold)


FSH-15-koiingreenwater-l.jpg (208702 bytes)


FSH-20-springkoi-l.jpg (202938 bytes)


FSH-32-koisquared-l.jpg (198861 bytes)

FSH-15(original sold)

FSH-20 (original sold)

FSH-32(original sold)


PUZ-9-moose creek-l.jpg (175303 bytes)


SAL-10-dammed-l.jpg (206988 bytes)



SAL-12-runsalmonrun-l.jpg (120171 bytes)

SAL-12 (original sold)

PUZ-9 (original sold)

SAL-10 (original sold)



SAL-13-salmonhomecoming-l.jpg (138617 bytes)


SAL-15-CharmedI'msur-l.jpg (121722 bytes)



SAL-24-oregonsockeye-l.jpg (77012 bytes)

SAL-13 (original sold)

SAL-15 (original sold)

SAL-24 (original sold)


SAL-27-redbandtrio-l.jpg (96752 bytes)


SAL-29-threekings-l.jpg (92799 bytes)


SAL-32-ancestralcharge-l.jpg (111111 bytes)

SAL-27(original sold)

SAL-29 (original sold)

SAL-32 (original sold)



SAL-34jaggedjourney-l.jpg (124116 bytes)


SAL-38-geo leap-l.jpg (88596 bytes)




TRT-10-autumntrout-l.jpg (98128 bytes)

SAL-34 (original sold)

SAL-38 (original sold)

TRT-10 (original sold)


TRT-13-electrictrout-l.jpg (123325 bytes)

TRT-13 (original sold)


SAL-4-arcticchar-l.jpg (141601 bytes)


TRT-14-handfuloftrout-l.jpg (133176 bytes)

TRT-14 (original sold)

SAL-4 (original sold)


TRT-15-nonametrout-l.jpg (142755 bytes)

TRT-15 (original sold)

TRT-16-waitingtobite-l.jpg (140003 bytes)

TRT-16 (original sold)

TRT-17-hello dolly-l.jpg (114284 bytes)

TRT-17(original sold)


TRT-19-mapleleaftrout-l.jpg (134921 bytes)


TRT-20-aboriginaltrout-l.jpg (79492 bytes)



TRT-21-its mine-l.jpg (97589 bytes)

TRT-19 (original sold)

TRT-20 (original sold)

TRT-21 (original sold)




TRT-24-steelrush-l.jpg (119522 bytes)


TRT-25-steelspring-l.jpg (152271 bytes)



TRT-28-chasingarainbow-l.jpg (150132 bytes)

TRT-24 (original sold)

TRT-25 (original sold)

TRT-28 (original sold)


TRT-9-stellarswim-l.jpg (110334 bytes)

TRT-9 (original sold)

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